About APN

At Ancient Path Naturals we have been cultivating mushrooms for over 40 years. This is what we love and we want to share the amazing benefits with everyone.

APN has always wanted to get more people growing their own mushrooms at home. We’ve hosted mushroom forays and cultivation classes on both coasts and at more than a few places in between. The two problems that stop most interested people from beginning to grow is the complexity of methods, and the cost of the materials and equipment.

After years of mixes and many grow trials we created Boom all in one mushroom grow bags as the solution to both of those problems. Grow any kind of mushrooms you want, simply. Ancient Path Naturals is here to make it easy for anyone to grow mushrooms.

Many mushrooms have staggering health benefits which western medicine is just now beginning to grasp the awesome powers of, and some are vastly superior to modern medicine at treating and preventing many health issues. Mushrooms can enhance immunity, add energy and vitality, sharpen mental acuity, and even create a path back to mental health. These benefits have been known to medical professionals for more than 4,000. Yes, four thousand years!


We love mushrooms, growing things, wild forests filled with fungi! We enjoy sharing the easy and simple methods we have found which everyone can add to their lives. The benefits of adding mushrooms to your life cannot possibly be overstated.

Easy Growing KitsPremium Substrates - Informative Guides – Have a great grow, Ancient Path Naturals is always here to help you.