​Safely Using Magic Mushrooms For A Life-Changing Experience

Posted by J&K at APN on Oct 03, 2020

How to Harness the Power of Magic Mushrooms for a Life Changing Experience

The majority of people have no idea what to expect when it comes to doing magic mushrooms. They don’t know what kind of experience they will have. Will it give them a high? Will they see any benefits?  Science says yes.

Using magic mushrooms isn’t something to take lightly, and preparing yourself and the environment around you is a must. You must take a dose that’s correctly measured to ensure safety and have support nearby. With the right steps taken, using shrooms can open your mind to a whole new you.

A Closer, Deeper Look At Magic Mushrooms

Shrooms is short for mushrooms that contain psilocybin, which people consume for the psychedelic properties. The most commonly consumed variety of magic mushroom is the Psilocybe cubensis, but there are more than 180 species of psilocybin-containing mushrooms. Though psilocybin occurs naturally, the U.S. lists it as a Schedule I substance. Activists are working throughout the country to change this – to  decriminalize the use and possession. It appears their efforts are paying off. Mushroom spores are easily available and ready to use mushroom growing kits can be purchased from quite a few sources. We of course recommend our Magic Mushroom Grow Kit for discretely growing your own magic mushrooms.

For thousands of years, these mushrooms have been used for ceremonial purposes, and some indigenous communities still use them today. For example, the Mazatec people in the Sierra Mazateca mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico use the mushrooms in various ceremonies – from divination to healing to many other reasons.

In 1968, psilocybin was prohibited after a paper showed that the substance caused significant out of body experiences that affected mental health. However, in 2006,  Johns Hopkins University released a study that demonstrated the benefits psilocybin could have with the treatment of various health problems:

The study noted the plethora of success the substance has had, with the FDA labeling psilocybin-assisted therapy as a breakthrough treatment.

What’s Considered A Safe Dosage?

If a person wants to use shrooms, they need to know how to take them properly. The first thing to consider is what kind of dose to take – microdose or tripping low dose. What’s the difference between the two?


The dosage offers a subtle experience and is ideal for first-time users. It’s also good for people who are worried about the experience. The user will feel a bit more empathetic, creative and productive. However, it can cause some people to feel emotional and nauseous. The recommended dosage here is less than 0.5 grams.

Low Tripping Dose

It’s best for people who want a more profound experience to begin the experience with a low tripping dose (no more than two grams), sometimes called a museum dose. This dosage causes enough of a shift in perception to notice the effects, but still keep them grounded. The recommended dosage here is 0.5 to 2 grams.

Newbies would best be served with a microdose because one gram is still potent enough to affect a person’s senses. The experience can leave someone feeling uncomfortable and uneasy.

Higher dosage ranges include:

  • Moderate Dosage – 2 to 3.5 grams
  • High Dose – 3.5 grams or higher

The above doses are applicable to Psilocybe cubensis. Any consumption of fresh shrooms and the amount should be multiplied by 10 to take into consideration the water weight. If another mushroom species is being used, it’s best to start with a low dose until more information about the strength is learned.

It’s best to start on a low dose when trying a new mushroom batch to gauge the potency, as it can vary widely from grow to grow. Changes in dose size and potency can be avoided by growing your own supply of medicine to ensure level potency. Monotub tek is a popular choice for larger scale home grows.  Using a monotubcan produce a reliable supply of your magical medicine. 

There is a misnomer that people need to understand about dosages, and it’s this: newbies should do 3.5 grams of shrooms. However, this is terrible advice for one primary reason – it can cause experiences the user is not quite ready for. Therefore, new mushroom users should start with the lowest dose possible to get their body acquainted with the feeling the Magic is creating.

By slowly acclimating oneself to the experience, they can better prepare and more comfortable for the more immense experiences that come with higher doses. Users will feel better grounded and be able to process the feelings they experience, so it doesn’t hit them like a ton of bricks.

What Kind Of Effects Could A Person Experience With Magic Mushrooms?

People who use shrooms in the higher dosages will experience a psychedelic trip, but it can cause them to face hidden feelings of unresolved guilt and shame. Though some people use it as a means to escape reality, as it can alter the mind, it helps bring about new perspectives on their lives and live a more fulfilling life.

For some people, it can help them realize how much stress and anxiety they have in their lives, but how inconsequential these situations are compared to the life-and-death situations the mind can dream up. With the experience, it can help them realize their life has a purpose and to  put aside their fears, anxiety and stress. After the trip, they may feel less apprehensive and more motivated and dedicated to themselves.

As with anything else, each person’s tripping  experience is different. One person may be able to easily relax while another has some level of difficulty. The key to relaxation for a trip is to find a comfortable place and less stressful time to use the shrooms. Keep in mind that each mushroom trip will cause different feelings and state of being. Whatever is hiding under the surface or is subconsciously bothering a person, it can lead to a whole different experience than others were wanting.

What a person should do is let go of the control and allow the mushrooms to bring forth the physical and mental experiences. Shrooms can make a person’s body feel brand new. It may make you feel tired or nauseous or even have heavy limbs. Some users on higher doses may not walk near as well, but still, feel fine overall.

Shrooms can cause visual distortions, but it’s also not uncommon not to have any. Some individuals may see things move, breathe and grow, with their environment becoming prominent. However, it’s also not uncommon to become confused, which is why it’s so crucial for newbie trippers to use the lowest dosage. Another unique experience is a total hallucination – the inability to distinguish visions from reality.

For some people, just closing their eyes and looking within themselves can lead to a visionary experience. And, for some people, the images are vivid and easier to recollect.

Other senses may become heightened, such as hearing music in a brand new way.

How Long Will The Experience Last?

A magic mushroom experience can last up to eight hours, with an average of six hours for most people. The length of the experience typically depends on two things – the person using the shrooms and how much was taken. It can take up to 45 minutes before the effects are felt, but they can begin in as little as 15 minutes and as much as two hours after consumption.

What’s the typical timeline of the experience?

  • First two hours – coming up
  • Between three to four hours – peak
  • From four to six hours – slowly coming down

Keep in mind that the mushroom experience can occur in waves, something one would notice near the end of the trip. By hour five, a person may feel as if the trip ended because they’re no longer on the peak. However, it’s not atypical to have another trip. The key is not to rush the experience; to feel back to normal. It’s best for the mushroom to naturally leave the body.

While hangovers are not common, it’s possible to experience a light glow after the experience. It’s best that users stay in and relax the rest of the day, as it can cause one to feel more sensitive.

The experience is sometimes described as having one foot in reality and another in the magic world. Use the rest of your day to think about what you experienced, write down what was felt, seen, thought, etc. It’s advised that people do what feels right to them.

The first time someone uses magic mushrooms is exciting, so it needs to be treated as such. A person should prepare themselves - to get into a relaxed state of mind and create a quiet environment. With this kind of setting, a person will have a safer tripping experience.

Look into some suggestions on how to create the best setting and what to consider when preparing the set. The key isn’t to rush into the experience without getting the details addressed. One cannot experience a deep sense of self if there are things in the real world keeping them from enjoying it.

When it comes to the experience, they must have some level of Trust:

  • In themselves
  • In the environment
  • With people they are experiencing the trip with

With the experience, a person must be able to Let Go:

  • Of psychedelic experience
  • One’s control

With the experience, a person needs to Be Open:

  • To everything that may come their way – no matter how weird or odd it may be

It’s recommended that people embrace the feelings they have. Do not try to fight them, but rather accept them as they are as it may lead to a revelation of some sort.

Mushroom users should consider having a trip sitter on hand. This person can ensure the user’s safety while they are enjoying the experience. There is no training for a trip sitter to contend with; just watch the user and keep their body safe. With a trip sitter, the user can feel assured and comfortable about allowing their mind to wander freely in another plane.

Do Shrooms Produce Any Side Effects?

Children are taught in schools’ D.A.R.E program that drugs like magic mushrooms are harmful. However, psilocybin mushrooms are physically safe for people who are healthy. According to the Global Drug Survey, mushrooms have ranked as safe for illicit substances, even safer than cannabis. However, according to the survey’s creators, this may be due to users’ careful plans, special considerations and necessary information about how to decrease the dangers.

Along with the majority of psychedelics, these mushrooms are not regarded as addictive as the profound experiences they can cause. Mushrooms do not provide an escape that opioids or alcohol can produce but do provide the user the ability to look at themselves closer.

Mushrooms can make things a bit more complex for the user, as it can change how they see the world and themselves. Mushrooms also lead to disorientation, causing not to be as aware of the things going around them and potentially getting into an accident of some sort. However, implementing safety measures like a trip sitter, healthy people can enjoy the magical experience.

For people with a chronic physical or mental health problem, mushroom tripping is a bit more of a risk, and additional support may be necessary before, during and after the experience.

Anybody considering a mushroom trip should never do it on a whim. There needs to be some advanced planning and preparation like any other journey a person would take.