The Proven Powers of Magic Mushrooms (And the Evidence to Back It Up)

The Proven Powers of Magic Mushrooms (And the Evidence to Back It Up)

Posted by J&K at APN on Sep 10, 2020

If learning how to grow magic mushrooms is something you have been teetering with lately or have a  magic  mushroom grow kit on standby, then you have come to the right place. Psilocybin mushrooms, aka magic mushrooms, are one of the most well-known psychedelics utilized today. They are found all over the world and are deeply rooted within history. For example, there is clear evidence that the Saharan aboriginal tribes in North Africa used mushrooms darting back to 9000 BC.

Clearly, these psychoactive mushrooms have withstood the test of time. Today, countless studies, research, and analysis performed demonstrate how beneficial and magical these mushrooms actually are for overall health and wellbeing.

First Off, What Is Psilocybin?

Psilocybin is the primary ingredient that is found within several different types of psychoactive mushrooms. Even though it is considered active in doses of around 3 or 4mg, the most common quantity used for clinical research is/was anywhere from 14 to 30 mg. Overall, the effects that psilocybin has on the brain are profound and contributed to the active metabolite, psilocin, which is most often found in both wild or homegrown mushrooms.

The Science Behind Magic Mushrooms

Much of the research and studies that are performed today are driven by the tons of reports in the past on how psilocybin could be a potent antidepressant and anti-anxiety remediation drug. To test this, one of the first studies was done by scientists in the Netherlands, and they discovered that micro-doses of psilocybin did not have any noticeable effect on things such as rational thinking, problem-solving, or abstract reasoning. But they did find that participants did improve in two forms of thinking (divergent thinking and mental flexibility), both of which foster creativity.

But that is not all; in 2016, a study by Hopkins found that psilocybin helped terminal cancer patients manage their depression and anxiety by easing their psychological stress evoked by their conditions. Then again, in 2020, the same group documented that they are rigorously testing psilocybin in regards to treating anorexia, Alzheimer’s, and smoking addictions, as they believe it has transdiagnostic applicability.

The Long-Term Benefits and Effects on one’s Mental State and Perception

You can easily go out and find a massive array of studies that back up the magic mushroom claims and benefits it provides. As noted above, there is strong evidence that these mushrooms provide wonderful health and wellbeing results and are worth experiencing at least once to see if you enjoy the long-term mental clarity, perceptions, and remedies it cultivates.

  • Depression - Depression is the most common data point amongst psilocybin tests, and one of the main reasons why so many people learn how to grow magic mushrooms in the first place. Magic mushrooms are often described as a cultural "bedrock" for great civilizations, and modern neuroscience shows that psilocybin interacts with your serotonin receptors that produce a diverse range of consciousness-altering effects. This has been shown to reduce and even eliminate depressive symptoms permanently.
  • Become More Open - Both introverts and extroverts need human connection to some degree, and magic mushrooms can allow a person to be more open to others. They will shift their perception to a more caring, loving nature and be willing to take on new experiences to increase life quality overall. According to a study done in 2011 , 60% of those who partook still felt emotionally higher and open over a year after the initial session was done.
  • Reduce Stress - It is no secret that millions of people worldwide suffer from anxiety and stress, ranging from mild to severe. As mentioned above, magic mushrooms can significantly reduce stress levels long term, and it was tested to prove that claim. Out of the 51 adults who partook in the advanced cancer study by John Hopkins, about 80% of them still showed signs of clinical stress relief at the six-month follow up.
  • Reduced Fear Levels: Another trending observation is those who try magic mushrooms tend to be more enticed to take on risks in their life. For example, maybe you have always wanted to try skydiving, but are halted by your fear of heights. Magic mushrooms can provide you with that extra confidence and push to break past fear barriers so you can achieve the goals you really want to do that you have been holding back from. As a due diligence disclaimer, just make sure that you are thinking rationally and staying safe as your internal “fear detector” lowers.
  • May Help Kick Other Addictions - If you are someone who is caught up in an unhealthy addiction such as cocaine and nicotine, though there are tests still being done, this is probable cause that magic mushrooms can kick it . As ongoing research is still being performed to strengthen the case that this could be a breakthrough treatment for substance abuse disorders, if you micro-dose correctly now, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by at least trying.

Quick Micro-Dosing 101

It sharpens all the senses, as if the frequencies of all of your atoms and energy field are raised a little bit and are being slightly more conscious.” - Dennis Van Der Meijen , who take advantage of Psilocybin Microdosing.

To give you some more background, micro-dosing is when you take about 1/10 of a psychedelic drug dose. This is an amount that is much too little to trigger hallucinations, but enough to sharpen your mind and gain the benefits as noted above. Research regarding micro-dosing is minimal, but according to Dennis Van Der Meijen, he never exceeded .04 grams. He even created a protocol for it to help beginners, such as yourself, get the perfect amount.

Conclusion - Growing Magic Mushrooms Right at Home

As you can see, the effects and long-term benefits that magic mushrooms have, backed up by promising scientific evidence, are all fantastic reasons why so many people are investing in their own mushroom grow bags and monotub tek resources to develop their own supply right at home. Now, the very thought of that might sound daunting, but the reality is that growing magic mushrooms is exceptionally simple. In fact, it can be quite fun to do as well.

In summary, with the right magic mushroom grow kit, you will be able to have everything you need to get started and begin growing. They are clean, discrete, fast-growing, and develop strains that will surely guide you through a wonderful, memorable experience.

Final tip: If you are a beginner, then a grow kit is the recommended choice for you to learn and get familiar with. It is the most straightforward and user-friendly solution to get the best results and really get acquainted with the entire process while seeing if you like how the effects make you feel. Once you get used to the concept, and if you fall in love with it along the way, you can always work your way up to growing from scratch down the line.