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Microdosing on Magic Mushrooms: Effective Treatment for Depression, PTSD, and Other Mental Health Conditions

The term ‘microdosing’ first came to global prominence when it emerged that a lot of people in Silicon valley were using tiny doses of LSD to improve performance. The pressure, stress, and performance levels required to just survive in the Valley are enormous. These A-class executives found tiny doses to vastly improve performance and the general quality of life.


Even away from the killer stressful life of Silicon valley, many regular people are living a life enslaved to depression, PTSD, and many other mental health conditions.


It is no secret that we live in a depressed world. Any combination of broken relationships, impossible financial situations, and stressful jobs is enough to break a person.


Enter magic mushrooms. These fabulous natural delights work wonders at reducing neuroticism, which means that stressors (negative stimuli) won’t affect users as much and they normally would. And, unlike LSD, no negative effects either on health and lifestyle have been documented.


... it felt like a lightbulb had been turned on in my mind. I felt giddy, just really glad to be alive. I’d not had those feelings for so, so long,” one British user told The Guardian.


So, what is this magical trend? Read on to learn more about magic mushrooms, how to grow them, where to get them, and how to improve your life in ways you have never thought possible.

What Are Magic Mushrooms

That some mushrooms are wonderful psychedelic drugs is no secret. Traditional shamans or seers in Asia, Africa, and even the Americas used them to experience deep spiritual experiences.


The ‘magic’ in magic mushrooms is a chemical compound called psilocybin, which is a natural hallucinogenic and psychedelic (expands consciousness) compound. It is one of the best known active substances in magic mushrooms and is not addictive.


Magic mushrooms are various varieties of mushrooms native to some parts of Europe, South America, Mexico, and the US. They are usually small types with brown or tan heads, although it is easy to confuse them with some poisonous ones.


Different varieties have varying potency levels depending on the amount of this compound. One of the best known and easily cultivated is called Psilocybin cubensis. To understand magic mushrooms, you first need to understand the active compound called psilocybin.

Psilocybin: What It Is and How It Acts

This chemical called psilocybin triggers feelings of euphoria and hallucinations in humans. It imitates the naturally-occurring serotonin in the body and activates its receptors, which are found in the frontal lobe (cortex) of the brain. Specifically, it affects mood, cognition, and perception centers in the cortex.


A unique quality of psilocybin, apart from the fact that it is not addictive, is that its effects can last for days. Users report that its effects last three days or more. However, it depends on the amount taken and the potency of the mushrooms which produce it.


You can ingest magic mushrooms or its derivatives in various forms. After harvesting, they are dried and powdered, which process increases their potency ten-fold. Then the powder can be formed into capsules, brewed in teas, baked, covered with chocolate to form edible delights, or taken raw.


Magic mushrooms are also known by other names on the street including shrooms, boomers, zoomers, mushies, simple Simon, little smoke, sacred mushrooms, cubes, purple passion, among many other monikers.

Effects of Psilocybin

This amazing chemical compound is the life of many parties, where many hippies use it to trip for hours and days on end. However, more enlightened folks know it for the many benefits it confers. Among the best known benefits of psilocybin is in the treatment of depression and PTSD.


Anecdotal reports identify many unique effects of psilocybin, both positive and negative. Most have been corroborated by science. These effects include:


  • A sense of euphoria

  • Wakefulness

  • A departure from reality; distortion of reality

  • Expanded sense of consciousness

  • A feeling of disengagement from surroundings

  • Dilated pupils

  • Lack of coordination

  • Drowsiness

  • Increased anxiety

  • Paranoia

  • Hallucinations


These and other effects occur in different combinations in users depending on their psychological profile, dosage taken, mental state, and many other factors.


Scientists already warn that those predisposed to anxiety, diagnosed with mental disorders, and in a heightened state of neurosis are likely to experience the negative factors. Unless you are a hippy looking for an epic trip, the way to unlock the best effects of psilocybin lies in microdosing.

Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

Microdosing is a valid medical process where very small dosages of a drug are introduced into the body to study its effects. When it comes to psychedelic drugs, it means using them in tiny amounts so that they do not produce whole-body effects.


Through microdosing, you can maximize positive effects and minimize or even eliminate the negatives. The term was first brought into popular culture through a book by eminent American psychologist Dr. James Fadiman, titled The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide.


The book stated appropriate micro dosages for popular drugs such as LSD, which caused the microdosing trend in Silicon Valley. While it is still recreational rather than medical, microdosing on magic mushrooms unlocks its most potent positive effects in daily life.


While a normal dosage of dried mushrooms would be about 1g, a micro dosage would be about 100mg. Super-accurate jewellery scales are used to measure out such precise amounts. Maintaining such strict dosages prevents outwardly noticeable effects but produces just enough effect to improve brain function.


Most people who microdose are executives, parents, and career professionals. Most were people who hated their jobs, couldn’t deal with their partners, and couldn’t even function normally in normal life.


Thanks to micro doses of magic mushrooms, these people are able to reap massive benefits from magic mushrooms. They range from medical to lifestyle benefits in the long term.

Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

Some of the most common benefits include:


  1. Treatment of depression

This is the most known and best-researched use of psilocybin. It has been described as a ‘breakthrough’ therapy in treatment and management of mild to severe depression. The FDA has even been conducting pilot studies of the same.


Before and after the 2nd World War, mushrooms were instrumental in treating PTSD and various other mental disorders before it was banned in 1970. Success is most profound in depressed, dull, and stressed individuals.


  1. Treatment of addictions

Thanks to its chemical imitation to the naturally-produced Serotonin, psilocybin is not addictive. Thus, it is itself used to treat people who are addicted to other harmful substances such as cocaine, alcohol, heroine, meth, nicotine, and many others.


In this regard, psilocybin is used as a therapy drug to break the routine of addition and break the mental barriers that prevent addicts from stepping out of the cycle in the first place. Twelve-month follow ups have already shown significant success in many subjects of smoking and various hard drugs.


  1. Managing psychological distress

People who have undergone traumatic experiences such as life-threatening medical conditions, loss of loved ones, loss of income, among others, can use magic mushrooms to manage the effects it has on their mental and psychological state.


By reducing neurotic reactions, they help stabilize such people and improve their quality of life. Some even report pain relief from cancer, arthritis and other health conditions.


  1. Improved alertness and productivity

A specific benefit of microdosing, research shows that micro doses of psilocybin fires up just the right number of neurons in the brain to trigger improved brain function. Users report improved perception such as vivid colours, better interaction with other people, and more creativity/imagination.


  1. Renewed purpose in life

One effect of depression is that it destroys hope and purpose. Luckily, psilocybin improves and restores joy in life. Used in moderation, it allows users to experience a new dimension of being alive comparable only to a spiritual experience, like when you first fall in love.

Growing Magic Mushrooms

Having known the many benefits of magic mushrooms, you would want a steady, affordable, and reliable supply, right? You can do that by growing magic mushrooms at home. They are so easy to grow, cheap to maintain, and so productive that almost every shroom lover today grows their own supply.


The most popular and easily grown strain of magic mushrooms is Psilocybe cubensis. It is the most common type and even grows naturally in forests, grasslands, and gardens.


Cubensis is very forgiving to beginner growers. While most strains require painstaking work in climate control, protection against bacteria, and micromanaged cultivation, this strain is robust and survives even rough changes to the environment.

Growing Psilocybe Cubensis

The easiest way to grow cubensis is through a magic mushroom grow kit or pre-sterilized mushroom grow bags. These are ‘plug-and-play’ mushroom grow kits where all you have to do is add spores or mushroom spawn, a process known as inoculation.


Mushrooms are a type of fungus that grow through fine white filaments known as mycelium. This mycelium requires a mushroom substrate and a nurturing environment to grow.


The mushroom grow kit or grow bags provides a sterilized substrate where the spores can germinate and grow to a sizable colony. Spores are available for purchase from different suppliers of your choice once you have the kit ready.


Substrate is simply the organic base onto which the mushroom spores attach and draw their nutrition from. It can be sawdust, manure, straw, or wood chips. Spores then form mushroom spawn, which later converts into mushrooms that you can harvest.


For best results, most people transfer the spawn to a growing medium formed from straw, cardboard, logs, corncobs, and similar mediums, which are already enriched with nutrients and sterilized against bacteria.

What You Need to Know About Growing Magic Mushrooms

Growing Psilocybin cubensis is not hard, but it does require a lot of care. A learning curve is involved where you have to learn to care for the spores, spawn, and mushroom fruit when it develops.


You will also need to learn to process it, which all takes some time to learn. All you need is a little motivation! To start you off, here are some few things you need to learn to consider.


  1. Mushrooms love dark, cool, humid environments

Mushrooms grow best in temperatures of 55F and 60F, or 12-150C. That is why most people love to grow them in the winter, because basements and attics get too warm in the summer or spring.


While they can tolerate some light, mushrooms grow best in dark places. They usually grow outdoors as well, but it takes very long, which can be months or years. That is why they are grown in controlled environments.


  1. Mushrooms need a sterile environment

The same environment that mushrooms thrive in is perfect for bacteria. Since mushrooms are usually consumed raw, having bacteria infect your colony can have devastating health effects when consumed.


This bacteria can also decimate the mushroom colony because they compete for the same nutrients. If you notice any strange colours or odours, remove the whole jar/bag/tray at once and isolate the rest of them.


When growing mushrooms from scratch, you have to do a lot of sterilization with alcohol and steam. This is why a lot of the cultivation processes involve boiling substrate jars in pressure cookers. If you want a fast tracked solution, order an APN mushroom growing kit already sterilized and ready for inoculation.


  1. Mushrooms grow fast

It only takes 3-4 weeks for the spores to spawn, and another 1-2 weeks for the spawn to develop into fruit ready for harvesting. With the right growing conditions, you can have mushrooms ready for harvesting in two months from the time you decide to go the home-grown way.


Upon harvesting, mushrooms are best dried first before consumption. This process helps to preserve them and also improves the concentration of psilocybin. You can use a dessicator like silica gel to do this, or use a more advanced dehydrator for faster and more even drying.

Fast Track Your Way to A Depression-Free Life

Magic mushrooms have earned the name with years of magical cure for all types of physical, neurological, and psychotic conditions. Depression is one of the worst enemies of the human race, but now you can fight it and overcome it naturally through microdosing with magic mushrooms.


Plus, growing potent strains like Psilocybin cubensis doesn’t need a college degree to accomplish. Get sterilized substrate kits, spores, and mushroom spawn from Ancient Path Naturals today and fast-track your path to wellness and life.


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