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Simplified Mushroom Life cycle

Simple Mushroom Lifecycle


Although there are many differences between plants and fungi, and they are classified in different kingdoms, the similarities in their reproductive system is easy to see. Plants grow, produce fruit which contain the seeds for new plants. Similarly fungi grow mycelium, produce fruit bodies which contain the spores for new mycelium.

Just like you need healthy soil to grow strong plants which will provide many fruits and vegetables, so too do you need healthy substrate to grow strong mycelium. This is why BOOM Blocks produce more mushrooms, heavier overall weights and more flavorful and medicinally packed fruits. Our substrate mix is like no other!


  • This blog has taught me so much about mushrooms and I have to admit that I’m really intrigued. There’s so many great resources on your site and so much more for me to learn!! You always see mushrooms in your backyard but I never really stop to think about all the complicated things happening with them.

  • I love this! I vaguely remember learning about the life cycle of mushrooms in school, but it’s been ages. I’m proud of myself for remembering even a little of it haha! I loved mushrooms as a kid – and still do! – because some kinds just sort of pop up after a rain! It was almost magical as a kid, haha.

  • So neat to read about the growing cycles of mushrooms. I also thought they just sort of appeared out of nowhere. I know they need damp, shaded places to grow but that’s about it. I never knew mushrooms were fruits either. I’ve always thought of them as like a sort of weed or plant. Love leaving a site that left me more informed.

  • This is an eye opener, beautiful page with beautiful contents. i love this

  • I’m currently taking biology right now in college and I find the life cycle of mushroom and fungi so interesting. I’ve been really enjoying ready your blog posts.


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