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Simple Crypto--(ARRR) PirateCoin

Pirate coin (ARRR)

The Pirate Coin, also known as ARRR or PirateChain is a 100% private cryptocurrency. The currency is designed to use a privacy protocol that can’t be compromised by other users. With help from ZK-Snarks, the PirateChain makes it very easy to shield all transactions, so all transactions are private and anonymous. This is definitely the cryptocurrency you need for ultimate privacy.

PirateChain is based on zcash and it’s widely said to be the best chain for private sends only. The blockchain of this cryptocurrency is protected by delayed Proof of Work. On top of that, to attack Pirate, you need to 51% attack Bitcoin. This type of security makes it unique.

There are no public sends, which really helps bring privacy to the next level. It also supports the TOR network, which is incredibly important. PirateChain was created in 2018 and since then it has continually expanded to thousands and thousands of users.

There are only 200 million pirate coins that can be mined and the block time to mine is roughly 60 seconds.

PirateChain also has its own wallet, named PirateOcean, this is a QT based wallet that’s very secure and extremely dependable and reliable. You can also explore the blockchain and explore the fully shielded network with your own eyes.

The market cap for the Pirate Chain is $4,780,477 USD, and there’s a total supply of 131,298,005 ARRR available at this time. It’s an incredibly cryptocurrency that continues to shine with its high standard attention to detail and the fact that it focuses on financial anonymity. You will like the fact that it’s very open with the way it works, but it also shields you against dangers.

Overall, the PirateChain is one of those cryptocurrencies that are very impressive. It’s clearly designed to help you stay anonymous online and will certainly be one to watch for future growth.

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