Blue Oyster Mushroom - Easy Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit for Beginners!

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Blue Oyster Mushroom

Blue Oyster mushroom growing kit is perfect for first time growers

Easy Oyster mushroom growing kit is the best ready to fruit variety to start with if your new to growing mushrooms and needs only minimal care to grow multiple crops of delicious Blue Oyster mushrooms in just a few weeks. Provide pounds of gourmet mushrooms for you to enjoy. 

Fruiting your Blue Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

Remove the top of your Blue Oyster mushroom growing kit under the seal with scissors, (mushrooms need plenty of air to form) and then place the grow kit in a humid area, such as above the kitchen sink. Use a clean sprayer to mist the surface of your mushroom grow kit with water every 12 hours or so. If you are in a dry climate adding a simple humidity dome, such as a plastic bag with a dozen or so dime sized holes in it, placed over the top of the kit will help keep the kit from drying out. Your Blue Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit will begin to produce mushrooms about after 15 days after opening. Once visable they will quickly grow much larger until ready to harvest and enjoy!

Blue Oyster Mushrooms are best when picked before the caps become flat.

Small Blue Oysters are just as delicious as larger ones, so it’s best to harvest early rather than late to avoid flattened caps starting to release spores.

Each Blue Oyster Mushroom growing kit will produce 2-3 crops and often pounds of mushrooms!