Some of your most common questions answered here. Advice, shipping, planting and more…


Q: What are the most important things to do to make sure my grow goes well?

A: The most important things when just starting out are:

1) Inoculating in a clean environment is really important, making sure you and your surroundings are exceptionally clean. Wipe down your surfaces with alcohol including your syringe and the bags. Wiping your syringe and the inoculation points again between each bag is also a great idea, it may take you an extra 30 seconds per bag but it saves you 4 weeks when you don't have any contamination.

2) Keep the temperature around your blocks close to 76 degrees, it really can't be overstated how important it is to the initial growth and health of your mycelium to keep a constant, warm temperature.

3) Don't bug them after you've inoculated! Even ambient light is detrimental to growing mycelium.

Q: What is the most amount of spore syringe I can use?

A: While you can use up to 5ml of spore solution per bag we recommend not using more than that because you don't want to over saturate the bag. We would not recommend refrigerating your spore syringe, between slowing down the spores and the contaminates in your fridge it's just not beneficial overall. 


Q: Does the kit come with everything you need in order to grow successfully?

A: Our Simplified Mushroom Growing Kit includes everything except the spore syringe and a spray bottle. It is ridiculously easy to succeed with and many growers with self professed grey or black thumbs have great grows all of the time! We've made it as easy as possible to have great home grows!


Q: Can I have more detailed instructions for inoculating?

A: To inoculate your block you'll remove the logo sticker and unroll the bag. Make sure you clean your area very thoroughly with alcohol only, bleach or other cleaners are detrimental to fungus growth and will cause issues with the growth of your block. Make sure you clean the bag itself and your spore syringe with alcohol as well. When you inject, clean the bag and syringe one more time to ensure you have no contaminates on the bag, then pull the bag apart and inject through the bag making sure you don't poke through the other side. As you are injecting your 2-3cc of spore solution slowly move your needle back and forth to ensure the spore solution has a wide spread across the top of the substrate. You will be injecting into the empty space of the bag however the solution will run down the sides and also should directly hit the top of the substrate. After you have injected your spore syringe you should cover the hole with tape, micropore tape works best because it allows air exchange however you can use any kind of tape. Next loosely refold your bags to allow air exchange but minimize contamination and store them in a dark warm place, ideally 84 degrees, any cooler and your mycelium growth will be slower. Leave them alone for at least 2 weeks, any light during this time is detrimental to their growth and can harm the mycelium.


Q: What is in casing?

A: Our Hydrated Casing Mix is made with clean shredded Coco Coir, Fine ground Vermiculite, Powdered Gypsum and Sphagnum Peat Moss all perfectly mixed and sterilized. It is 100% ready to use and improves pinset and yields greatly!


Q: Is casing needed?

A: Casing will improve the pinset and increase the moisture regulation. While it is not necessary it does help improve yields and makes the pinset much denser.


Q-How long does it take the morels to fruit?

A: Our Morel Spore Packs contain a powerful array of natural boosters and mycelium foods to provide all the nutrients the new mycelium will need to grow fast and fruit as soon as is possible. 

If conditions are perfect the fast colonizing varieties sometimes produce fruit on the first spring after planting, generally as natural Morel patches are getting started. Most patches will fruit the following spring and then proliferate/expand as as the seasons pass.


Q: Can I store my boom blocks?

A: We recommend using your BOOM Blocks right away for best results. However if you need to store them for a few days you can do so in the original package in a cool area. For longer storage it's best to freeze them until 2 days before use.   BOOM substrate can be stored for up to 6 months. 



Q:  Is it possible to use the dry spore pack in a raised garden bed and if so how big of area is needed for one pack of spores?

A: Our dry Spore Packs will grow great in garden beds and raised beds. It's best to add some organic matter as a mulch layer to keep the soil from drying once inoculated with the spore packs.  Each pack can inoculate an area approx. 4 ft. by 4 ft. as a dry pack, or be used as a slurry to inoculate a considerably larger area.


Q: What spore do the Morel spore Packs contain?

A: Our Morel Spore Packs can come as any mix of the 6 varieties which we offer. Yellow, Early Black, White, Burn site, Blushing and Autumn If you have a preference for certain kinds or double or triple sets of a single kind just add a note to your order or message us. We are always happy to make specific pack sets. 


Q: Average harvesting weight?

A: While it depends greatly on the variety of mushroom, it is not unheard of for heavy producing varieties to yield final fresh weights of 250% of the BOOM Block substrate. I.E over the life of a 2lb bag it is possible to produce 1,000-1,200g fresh. We would emphasize that these yields are for vigorously producing species.

Q: Is Dunking/Soaking needed?

A: Dunking is only needed with overly dry substrate material or after the block has already fruited. The substrate will noticeably shrink in size after each fruiting as it consumes the water stored in the root mycelium so it's easy to see when it needs more water . Usually we advise dunking for about 6 hours after each fruiting and this keeps the substrate at the appropriate moisture level required for large flushes without the chance of over soaking.


Q: I want to make a small garden for the morel spores I just purchased from you in my yard. Can this be done? If yes, what mixture of soil/sand/compost should I use?

A: A dedicated bed for the Morels works nicely.  It's important to plant trees in the bed area for the Morels to bond with since they form symbiotic networks with the tree roots.  Fruits trees are excellent partners for Morels.


Q. Do these bags have an Inoculation Port?

A: Our spawn bags don't have an inoculation port, we find that inoculation ports tend to be the weakest part of a bag and the most likely point of contamination. We recommend inoculating through the plastic a few inches above the substrate, if you are working with and storing your bags in a clean environment then you can just fold the bag loosely over. If you are worried about contamination you can cover the inoculation point with any type of tape.



Definitions in ( )

We generally use 1-1 ratio when spawning (mixing fully colonized grain with other mushroom food material) to ensure fast growth and lowest chance of contamination (any unwanted species growing where you don't want it to grow).  When 'mushroom compost' is referenced people are referring to the material which the mushrooms will be spawned into.  For your grow our Horse Manure Substrate is an excellent option since it is fully sterilized and hydrated so no watering is needed. 

When spawning (mixing colonized material such as Rye Grain with new materials such as Compost) you will break the colonized rye (once colonized mycelium produces it's own very effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, this protects it very well for short duration air exposure) into small chunks while still in the sealed bag, then open and  quickly mix it thoroughly into the Compost. These will be mixed together in a clean plastic tray or tub about 4 inches deep. Adding a casing layer (non-nutrient protective layer) over the mixed material will help keep them healthy. 


Has my order been Received? Order Confirmation Email?

We have almost certainly received your order, if you haven't received an order confirmation email from us we would recommend checking in your spam folder, unfortunately Gmail's spam filter is a little overzealous. We would also recommend marking our emails as "Not Spam" to make sure that you get all further emails including shipping confirmation. Prep and processing generally take 2-3 days and you will received a shipping confirmation when your order ships.  If you do not see a mail from us in your spam folder please contact us thru our mailer onsite or email.