How Long do Shrooms last? How long do shrooms take to kick in? Do Shrooms go bad? Your magic shroom questions, answered.

2021 Jul 11th

How Long do Shrooms last? How long do shrooms take to kick in? Do Shrooms go bad?

Your magic shroom questions, answered.

Many cultures throughout history have partaken of the myriad benefit which can only be attained by experiencing spiritual exploration and the mystical experiences of magic mushrooms.

Interest in shrooms has lasted since humans first encountered these truly magical fungi.

How long do shrooms last?

Mushrooms have been around since long before plants evolved, nearly a billion years ago, recently discovered in Canadian Artic samples.

People have consumed magic mushrooms for thousands of years. Until recently, many cultures cultivated sacred shroom patches for generations for use many times each year, as evidenced by well preserved cave paintings and sculptures depicting magic mushrooms dating back to the dawn of the human expansion era. Many cultures throughout history have partaken of the myriad benefit which can only be attained by experiencing spiritual exploration and the mystical experiences of magic mushrooms.

Interest in shrooms has lasted since humans first encountered these truly magical fungi.

After a relatively short period of prohibition by the government, research and interest in shrooms has grown to levels unparalleled since the flower child days of the hippies revolution during the ‘60s. Finally, a fter many year s of senseless legal restrictions ,modern science has began to examine these magical mushrooms in earnest, with many well respected research institutes and brilliant minds exploring the powerful therapeutic uses and the myriad benefits of shrooms. Currently, there is rapidly growing interest by people from all walks of life who are curious to try shrooms for themselves and begin finding out more about the benefits and potential uses of psychedelics.

Natural psychedelics like shrooms alter our perception of reality and sometimes expand our consciousness to exploration of new ideas and insights. Psychedelic experiences are often deeply healing, and many consider a single mushroom trip to be one of the most important experiences of their lives. For some, shrooms re-ignite a sense of wonder and awe for the world around them, creating a sense of connection to all other life. For many, micro-dosing shrooms is a literal life-saver , providing an avenue for those who lived traumatic experiences to face and overcome them. Magic mushrooms can help us become more compassionate, more creative and hopefully, wiser stewards of this world .

The Potential Benefits of Shrooms

Although modern science is still working to understand more of how psychedelics effect the brain’s chemistry, we do know psilocybin produces some very unusual e ffects in the brain. The binding structure of Psilocin is very similar to the structure of serotonin, a neurotransmitter, which acts as a chemical messenger and performs many important roles in our nervous system, including conveying messages between brain cells and muscle cells. Since it very closely resembles serotonin , psilocin can easily bind to receptor sites in the brain which are meant for serotonin, activating the serotonin receptor sites.

There are serotonin receptors all over the brain but most are found in the cerebral cortex , which is the area of the brain responsible for important functions like thinking, understanding language, perceiving, and memory. Both of the most studied active compounds in magic mushrooms, Psilocybin and psilocin , are psychedelic tryptamines.

Although our understanding is incomplete, recent studies have given new insights into how psilocybin works. Currently it is believed t hat one of the major effects of psilocybin stems from it’s ability to suppress select functions of t he brain responsible for filtering extraneous’ information from a person’s senses. This would cause more sensory information to reach a person’s consciousness, causing hallucinogenic effects and changes in perception.

Shrooms can activate these receptors and shift the default function of the brain to a new pattern, often creating a psychedelic experience. This is why heightened awareness of surroundings, enhanced tactile senses, mood changes, and other unusual sensations happen during shroom use.

Magic mushrooms are believed to facilitate unconstrained, free-flowing thinking throughout the brain. They are also linked to reflective, introspective experiences which can promote self-healing.

Shrooms have staggering potential to effectively treat a variety many of the worst mental health problems we are facing much more effectively than current practices. Some of the therapeutic possibilities include treatment and remedy of PTSD, depression, addictions, migraines and anxiety.

Are Shrooms Legal?

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, known as MAPS, knows millions of people safely experience psychedelics in an unsupervised, non-medical setting every year. More and more cities and states are decriminalizing psilocybin and other psychedelic substances.

How Long Do Shrooms Take to Kick In?

One of the big questions for many people who are interested in magic mushrooms is always ‘how long does it take for shrooms to kick in?’.

The answer depends on a few factors, but is largely determined by the method used consuming them.

You might notice small changes in your emotions or senses to start with which then become stronger visual or auditory hallucinations. Eating dried or fresh shrooms will need about 30 minutes to first notice the effects, reaching a plateau 2- 3 hours after ingestion, and mostly finished after about 8-10 hours.

Brewing a tea or using a liquid medium will greatly decrease the onset time, with effects noticeable in 2-5 minutes, reaching a plat eau after 1 hour, and lasting about 4-6 hours total.

Effects and onset times also vary d epending on personal metabolism, shroom potency and dosage, and the contents of your digestive system. The effects often begin gradually and last longer when eaten. Shorter, more intense experiences often occur when magic mushroom tea is drank.

How to take Shrooms

You can take them dried or fresh by themselves, mix them in acidic juice or steep them in tea or hot water. If you use the steeping method, you might start experiencing effects after just 5 minutes or so.

Try to stay calm while you wait for the shrooms to kick in. If you take a second dose because you don’t think it’s working, this can put you in a situation where you’ve taken too many. You can’t stop the trip once it’s started so be patient and wait to notice the first effects. It’s better to have a less intense trip than one that is overwhelming. You can always explore further once you have more experience.

After the trip has begun, expect a slow climb as the effects increase. You should experience peak effects between 1 and 4 hours after you take the shrooms, depending how you took them.

How Long Do Shrooms Last?

Once your shroom trip has started you will need between 4 and 12 hours for the adventure to have completed, depending on the dose and method of consuming. High doses of dried shrooms last longer than small doses, and liquid based trips are usually shorter in duration. Expect to be (mostly) back to normal functioning aftera good 8-12 hours of sleep. The entire shroom trip from drink to waking up will last about 24 hours, so it’s best to have an entire day, or better yet, 2 days to experience the magic.

Factors that Can Affect a Shroom Trip

Not every shroom trip is the same and not everyone experiences this psychedelic in the same way. These are some of the factors that can determine the effects you have as well as the duration of the trip:

  • How much you take
  • The amount of food already in your digestive system
  • How you consume them
  • The shroom species and potency
  • Your age
  • Whether you eat fresh or dried shrooms
  • Your frame of mind and expectations
  • Your tolerance
  • Any other substances you have taken
  • A preexisting mental condition

Can You Combine Shrooms with Other Substances

This isn’t recommended because you can get unpredictable and typically unpleasant effects.

Can You Smoke Shrooms?

Again, this is not recommended and could be quite unpleasant and potentially harmful.

How Long Do Shrooms Stay in Your System?

Most people’s bodies will eliminate the shrooms within 15 to 24 hours. The human body metabolizes them too quick for them to show up in saliva or blood tests (unless tested within a few hours of ingestion).

Routine drug tests can’t detect psilocybin, though a few very rare and expensive specialized tests can.

Since urine testing is the most common type of drug test and most people’s bodies totally eliminate the shrooms within 24 hours, they should not show up at all, even on a 5-panel test. However, in some people a trace amount might be detectable for up to a week.

Hair follicle tests can detect magic mushrooms for up to 90 days but this kind of testing is expensive so is not typically used.

What is the Best Shroom Dosage?

Besides wondering how long do shrooms take to kick in and how long shrooms last, you might be wondering how much to take. Different mushroom species have different psilocybin levels. This means the same amount of shrooms can have very different psychedelic ingredient amounts and are of different strengths.

There are more than 200 magic mushroom species in the wild. Psilocybin levels also vary between different strains of the same shroom species as well as the nutrients they were cultivated with. For these reasons, dosing isn’t an exact science. There are still some guidelines though, based on dried Psilocybe Cubensis suggested amounts.

Psilocybe Cubensis is the most commonly used species of shrooms, mostly because they’re easy to grow at home . T hat is the species the following list of dosages refers to, and most strains of Cubensis are close to the same potency. However, there are a few outliers of considerably higher potency such as the famous Penis Envy strain . Active compounds are also reported in most varieties when the nutrient availability of the growing medium, or mushroom substrate, is formulated specifically for mushroom growth .

Occasionally someone will still claim that the active ingredient concentrations vary between different mushroom parts, such as more in the cap or more in the stem. This is simply incorrect. Psilocybin concentrations don’t vary in different parts of the same shroom. The bottom of the stem has the same potency as the top of the cap. Shrooms are already magic during primordial stage and the amount of psilocybin contained does not change as they grow.

Do Shrooms Go Bad?

You can get either fresh or dried shrooms. Although this doesn’t change their effect it does change what they weigh. Dried ones will only weigh about a tenth of fresh ones. Many people find using a tea or lemon drink to consume magic mushrooms is the best method. Dried shrooms

If using fresh, remember you need to multiply suggested dosages by 10 to make up for water weight. If you are using another shroom species, recommended dosages can be totally different.

It’s usually best to take mushrooms in the morning to have your trip since you naturally have an empty stomach after 8 hours of sleeping.

Dried Shroom Dosages

0.25 to 1.5 grams: This will allow you to feel the psilocybin effects in your mind and body. This is a good dosage for complete newbies. Don’t take more than 2 grams if it’s your first trip. Bad trips are much more likely if you take too high a dose, according to research. Shroom effects can feel very strange and the experience can be overwhelming to begin with. This is why it’s crucial to get used to that state before experimenting with a higher dose. So start off with a low dose if you’re new to shrooms.

1.5 to 5 grams: This dose should produce significant psychedelic effects. This dosage is enough for most people to enjoy a trip into the magical, mystical world of shrooms.

7 grams or more: Only experienced users should take such a high dose. Before taking more than 3 grams you should ensure you have had multiple positive experiences with magic mushrooms. 5 grams is probably the most you should take unless you have years of shroom experiences under your belt.

Remember medical and magical go hand in hand with shrooms - more is not necessarily better.

Tips for the Best Shroom Experience

Here are some tips to help ensure your magical experience goes well:

  • Empty Stomach: Don’t eat anything for 8 to 12 hours before ingesting shrooms, so they can reach their full psychedelic potential.
  • Safe Surroundings: Take the shrooms somewhere familiar and comfortable where you can relax, such as your own bedroom or living room. If anything in your surroundings is risky or makes you uncomfortable, choose another location before taking them.
  • Relaxation: Because psilocybin can disrupt our psychological processes and reveal hard truths about the world or yourself which you wouldn’t normally dwell on or look at deeply, ensure you feel in a balanced state and have been for weeks before taking shrooms. Also bear in mind being tired can affect how you react to shrooms so make sure you slept well the night prior to taking them.
  • Choose Your Company Wisely: This is very important. We are social creatures and a friend (or foe) being there can affect your state of mind. Don’t take mushrooms with people you don’t know, don’t trust or don’t feel completely comfortable with.
  • Disconnect First: Switch off your phone so you can explore the space within. Make sure you don’t have any work-related or social responsibilities or chores to do. Having your boss phone in the middle of an intense trip is the last thing you will want!
  • Have a Trip Sitter: If this is your first time taking shrooms (or any hallucinogen) it’s best to have a trip sitter. This is someone who doesn’t take any substances themselves during your trip and is in touch with the real world in case you need help. When under the influence of magic mushrooms, it can be hard to figure out what’s real and what isn’t. This means a trip sitter can watch over you in case there are any physical risks or something else happens. A trip sitter can keep a low profile unless they are needed and they should stay for the duration of the trip.
  • Enjoy the Trip: As long as you are somewhere safe and comfortable, you can take the shrooms and enjoy the new experience. Try to be an active observer rather than trying to control what is happening. Remember everything that happens is part of the psychedelic experience. This means although it might feel uncomfortable or unpleasant at the time, it can still bring positive insights. Know that nothing you see or feel during your trip can hurt you in real life. This allows you to explore your consciousness without fear and enjoy the ride!