Morel Mushroom Growing Kit – Grow Dry Land Fish

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Morel Mushroom Growing Kit - Dry Land Fish Morel Mushroom Spawn

Morel Spawn Habitat Kit - Easily have a patch of Dry Land Fish, those elusive Honeycombed Mushrooms with the Dry Land Morel Kit

No matter what name you know them by morel mushrooms taste phenomenal. At last, you can grow your own dry land fish, or morels, from the comfort of your home. With our Morel growing kit and easy guide, it’s never been easier to have your own dry land fish mushrooms.

Never grown mushrooms before, no worries - If you’ve never grown mushrooms outdoors before, or even anything at all, it’s ok. Relax; you’ll never have to worry about going to the grocery store ever again for tasty Honeycombed morels or gourmet goodies. Anyone, regardless of gardening interest can grow their own dryland fish using this Morel kit. We’ve got you covered with our step-by-step mushroom growing guide.

The Morel Mushroom kit includes 3 packs of Honeycombed mushroom spawn suitable for growing Morels indoors or cultivating Morels in an outdoor habitat. 

Everything you need to create an earth friendly, sustainable, Dry Land Fish habitat 


Need awesome mushrooms gifts? Everyone can have thier own Dry Land Fish Morels indoors or in an outdoor habitat. 


Discover why honeycombed mushrooms are the most sought after mushrooms by the world’s top professionals. Gourmet chefs, home cooks and foragers all unanimously agree, dryland fish are the best. Season and sprinkle these nutritious mushrooms into any meal you like, they’re delicious! See more of our easy mushroom spore kits.


suitable for growing Morel Mushroom indoors or in a prepared morel habitat. Perfect for indoor and outdoors Morel cultivation.


Are you curious about growing your own Dry Land Fish mushrooms? Here, your satisfaction is GUARANTEED – If you don’t like the results, we'll fully refund your order. We're here to help you have a great grow.

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