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Mushroom Quality Coconut Coir * Ready to Use Coco Coir 10 Lbs. Organic Coconut Fiber


Make your own mushroom substrate and mushroom grow mixes.  Ready to use coco coir coconut fiber is triple washed, shredded and ready to use. The very best in mushroom cultivation.

10 lb. 

  • HIGHEST QUALITY COCONUT COIR: Your plants and mushrooms deserve the best, and that's what we have prepared. Our coir is a perfect blend of pith, fiber, and shredded coco coir, triple rinsed and washed to remove all traces of unwanted salts, packaged in convenient ready to hydrate 10 pound bags.

  • FINE GROUND & READY TO USE: Allow as to save your time and energy. Ordinary coco coir available today is in brick form, single rinsed, takes a huge space and is troublesome to prepare. Our coconut coir is fine ground and ready to use. Why struggle when you can go for a ready product? No shredding, ripping or overnight soak needed. Ready to use right out of the bag.

  • HIGH WATER HOLDING CAPACITY: Does hot weather jeopardize your gardening efforts? Having trouble getting the humidity just right in your grow chamber or monotub? Don’t watch as the heat and dry claims your efforts. Our coco coir has the high water-holding capacity and slow release ability which will keep your plants growing in the unforgiving weather conditions.

  • GREAT AERATION: Provide a conductive environment for your plants to grow. Besides water, air is essential to healthy root growth and mycelium development. Our fluffy coco coir provides excellent aeration for roots to thrive. The lightweight fibers have enough air pockets for roots to breathe.

  • 100%NATURAL & ORGANIC: Are you worried about harmful additives in your soil? Our coconut fiber has no additives and has a neutral ph. Perfectly prepped and ready to grow!