All in one Mushroom Substrate Grow Tent Bags - 1lb Sterilized Substrate x 3 - Simple Shroom Supply

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Almost Error Proof All in One Mushroom Substrate Bags are designed to double as the Mushroom Tent when fruiting. Assure your shroom supply


Easily and quickly grow your own mushrooms using the most straightforward, almost error proof, approach for growing your mushrooms of all commonly cultivated varieties.

1lb BOOM! Mushroom Substrate  All in One Mushroom Grow Bags were created from years of experience testing mixes and grow sets with many varieties of mushrooms.

Fortified with an extensive array of perfectly prepared and hydrated mixed substrates, this all in one mushroom grow tent contains everything you need to grow the mycelium and fruit of almost every single variety that anyone cares to grow.

Mushroom tent built right in - Truly all in one, the mushroom grow bag doubles as the pinning and fruiting tent. 

It's Easy to Use: This grow bag is designed to be easy to use for first-time growers while also discrete and compact, able to grow right inside of spaces smaller than a drawer. 

It’s Good for New Growers: It promises success rate of 94% for even the newest, most in-experienced growers.

Potent Boom Block: Our boom blocks will help you grow mushrooms fast. It also works excellent for Cubensis strains.

Now that’s a real all-in-one grow bag! Mushroom tent, mixed substrate and an unmatched success rate for new home growers.

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