Mushroom Spores Growing Kit Directions

Did you know Morel Mushrooms have been cultivated for decades? We've made it much easier to grow your own Morels in your backyard with our Morel Patch Starter kit. More than 40 years of mushroom cultivation experience. 

Start your Morel Patch after the soil is warmed. For best results plant during Spring, Summer or early Autumn.


Morels Mushrooms are delicious springtime mushrooms, highly coveted, and often unavailable. This is how you can grow Morel Mushrooms in your yard or anywhere there are trees and shade! 


Morel Mushroom Spore Packs are loaded with natural mushroom foods to provide every nutrient your new Morel patch will need. No mixing or buckets needed. Each package will seed a 6 x 6 area, or many smaller sized spots. 


TIP: Plant your grow kit before a rain. Nature will take care of the hard work of watering the spores to the roots of the trees.

The addition of organic compost or aged manures will increase the nutrient availability of the soil if planted in an area lacking in nutrients.


TIP: The higher the concentration of Morel spores used in an area the faster the rate of colonization.


Prepare Planting Bed - For best results prepare the planting bed by roughing the soil a bit, opening a few furrows in the soil for the mycelium to penetrate into. A shady location is best, such as trail edges or brush/high grass areas. Morels LOVE trees and are symbiotic with the roots of many plants so planting near a few trees or large plants will produce the best results. 


Planting Time - Spore packets are the seeds of the mushrooms and are very easy to plant. Spread the spores on top of the prepared mushroom bed and cover with natural mulch, such as wood mulch, leaves, brush or forest duff. Morels naturally grow near trees and are particularly fond of fruit trees, though any hardwood variety will work. A layer of cardboard over the planting area and under the mulch layer will improve moisture retention very effectively and assure a quick start to the growth.


Wait and Harvest If conditions are excellent it's possible that the fast colonizing varieties (Black Morel and Burn Site Morels) can produce some fruits the very next spring, while most patches will begin to fruit the second spring after planting.  See our variety of Morel mushroom strains


Your new Morel Mushroom growing patch will continue to fruit and produce delicious mushrooms each spring with very little maintenance. Many patches have been fruiting in the same area for decades! 

Our kits grow so well we guarantee your new Morel Patch will begin to produce fruit in first 3 years or we'll refund your order.