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BOOM Block Instructions

Prep your area by using the alcohol pads to wipe down the outside of the bags and the filter patch, along with your syringe. It’s best to also shower before inoculation.  Once everything is clean begin to inoculate immediately. Put on the nitrile gloves and simply inject the spores of the mushroom variety of your choice into the filter patch, we recommend 2-3cc per bag. Apply the provided micropore tape over the injection point.


Grow in a warm dark environment. Aim for 84 deg.f., which is the ideal temp for mycelium growth.  After two weeks your block should be fully colonized. It will appear solid white. If not, wait until completely white. 


Take a knife or scissors, clean with alcohol, (no bleach or chemicals) and cut off the bag about 2 inches above the block and begin misting two to three times a day by opening the top of the bag and spraying lightly with a small spray bottle.

Depending on your species you should see your first baby mushrooms in about three days. They will grow rapidly until harvest. Once harvested you can refruit your block by submerging it in clean cool water for about 6 hours so that the mycelium can absorb the water it needs to fuel it's next fruiting.  Transfer the block to a small tray or tupperware container and continue to mist at least once a day and soon you'll see your second crop of mushroom. You can repeat the harvest, dunk, drain, and re-harvest steps until your block stops fruiting.


If you have any questions we are always here to help!

Thanks and have a great day,

J & K

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