Almost Magic Mushroom Grow Kit - All in one Mushroom Grow Bags x 5

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'Almost' Magic Mushroom Grow Kit - 5 x All in One Mushroom Grow Bags 

How to grow magic mushrooms? Easy. The Almost Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

Begin growing magic mushrooms using the fastest psychedelic mushroom growing kit in the USA!

The only All in One magic mushroom grow kit formulated for quickly growing magic mushrooms in the usa.

5 pack of 1lb bags of the easiest method to grow mushrooms ever created. The small size means faster colonization time and less wait till you have fruits! We recommend 2cc of spore solution per bag. Most spore syringes are 12cc.

Psilocybe Cubensis, the magic mushroom, or shrooms. Whatever you call them, they are coming to the forefront of medicine once again, proving that Microdosing saves many lives, and improves countless others. Recent acceptance of microdosing means many people need to know how to grow psychedelic mushrooms for the medical benefits they provide. The problem is that shroom kits are often confusing and prone to issues.

This proven to produce potent shrooms, and lots of them. BOOM Shroom Mushroom grow bags explode with mushrooms. Easily and Quickly grow all you will need. Zero Experience or Equipment needed.

Each All in one Almost Magic Mushroom Grow Bag is a self-contained psilocybin shroom grow kit. 

The 1 pound Magic Mushroom Grow Bags are a fully self contained environment able to yield a massive crop of mushroom and then keep on fruiting again for weeks! No need to open until you are about to harvest for the 1st time, literally just inject your magic mushroom spores (not included) and wait.

Small size combined with high nutrient density create the fastest growth possible when going from spores to fruits. 

Easy shroom grow kit in convenient mushroom grow bags, perfect for rapidly growing psilocybin magic mushrooms.

After the first harvest from your Almost Magic Mushroom Growing Kit you can easily fruit again, Harvest up to 5 times! To grow even more just build your own monotub and go from spawn bags to bulk. Add a casing layer to boost the harvest to magical amounts!

All in One Shroom Grow Kit Mushroom Grow Bags x 5