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BOOM Shrooms! Rye Berries & Coco Coir Mushroom Grow Bags *Just Add Psilocybe Cubensis Mushroom Spores for a Shroomery!

$29.95 - $89.95

Psilocybe Cubensis, the magic mushroom, or shrooms.  Whatever you call them, they are coming to the forefront of medicine once again.  This mushroom substrate has been proven to produce potent mushrooms, and lots of them. 

BOOM Shroom! Mushroom grow bags explode with mushrooms. Easily and Quickly grow tons of mushrooms. Zero Experience or Equipment needed

Rye berries, coco coir and our magic mix combine to make the easiest, fastest mushroom grow kit evet made.  No monotub boxes, no expensive humidifiers, no special anything needed.  This is the easiest method to grow shrooms ever made. 

Perfectly prepped and hydrated mixed mushroom substrate contains everything you need to go from mushroom spores to gigantic fruits all in one bag.

Fully self contained environment will yield a massive crop of the mushroom of your choice and keep on yielding over and over again for weeks!

No need to open until you are about to harvest for the first time, literally just inject your spores and wait. Full inoculation  instructions included and great help is avaialble if you need us. 

This is simply the easiest choice for growing your own mushrooms. 

1 pound per sterilized bag in sets of 3 or 10