BOOM Block Mushroom Substrate - All in one sterilized Mushroom Grow Bags x 6

Only $89.95
12.00 LBS
Our Boom Bag contains everything needed to successfully cultivate your own gourmet, medicinal or boomr species of mushrooms.

Each mushroom grow bag is a fully self contained growing environment that is perfectly balanced for rapid colonization and powerful fruit production. No experience or equipment is needed to have plenty of boomr shrooms using Boom mushroom bags. 


Boom Blocks, Boom bags, Magic Boom Substrate, our amazing Boom mushroom substrate is known by many names, and they all mean powerful mushrooms and an easy grow. 

These Boom Blocks are famous for growing the strongest boomr mushrooms, and plenty of them.


6 bags weighing 2 pounds each of powerful Boom sterilized substrate. Perfect for growing a boom crop of your favorite mushrooms.

No matter what you call them, Boom bags, Boom blocks, or the best substrate ever made, our Boom Block are renowned as the strongest mushroom grow kit for any strain of mushrooms.


2 lbs per bag x 6 Bags – Inoculate using a spore syringe of your favorite strain and prepare for the explosive growth! Or add some colonized spawn and watch the monotub magic happen.  *Spore syringe not included.


Grow from spores to harvest with no worries. Each 2 pound mushroom grow bag will produce 3-4 bountiful harvests of your favorite mushrooms. Growing in a hurry? Our Almost Magic Mushroom Grow Bags are the fastest fruiting bags available anywhere!

Growers say that our Boom Blocks produce the strongest boom mushrooms ever!


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Step by step Mushroom Grow Guide included. Have a great grow, we are here to help you.