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BOOM Mushroom Substrate - All in one Mushroom Grow Bags - 2lb x 6 * Add Spores, Wait, Harvest!

Ships FREE, enjoy!

BOOM Mushroom Substrate - Mushroom Grow Bags

2 lbs x 6 Bags - Ready to Use Mushroom Substrate Growing Bags


BOOM Mushroom Substrate works great for growing almost ANY species of mushroom.

Just add a spore syringe of your favorite strain.  ( Spore syringe not included )

Our BOOM Mushroom Substrate Grow Bags contain everything needed to successfully cultivate your own gourmet, medicinal or exotic species of mushrooms.

Each BOOM Mushroom Grow Bag is a fully self contained growing environment, perfectly balanced and formulated for rapid colonization and fruit production. No experience or equipment required, actually it's challenging to NOT produce mushrooms using BOOM Mushroom Grow Bags. 


Grow from spores to harvest with no worries. Each mushroom grow bag will produce 3-4 bountiful harvests of your favorite mushrooms.

Possibly the easiest Mushroom Grow Bags ever.


Includes our Complete Mushroom Growing Guide with step by step instructions for having a great grow and our customer happiness team is ready to help.