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RYE Grain Spawn Grow Bags * Rye Berries, Trays and Bulk Grows * Ready to Add Spores!

$24.95 - $109.95

We've taken everyone's favorite Rye Berries and added our decades of cultivation experience to create a blisteringly fast mycelium growth medium.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Rye Grains locally sourced and perfectly prepped, Powdered Millet, Powdered Calcium, Norwegian Kelp, Course Vermiculite, and our own secret mix of booster nutrients.

Guaranteed Sterile and 100% Ready to Use 

Add 2-3 cc from your Spore Syringe (Not Provided) and get ready to see colonization in record setting times! Amazing results with many types and species of mushrooms. Once fully colonized these are often used for bulk substrate inoculation to expand or as grain trays in conjunction with our Hydrated Casing Mix.

Suited for growing a huge variety of species.

2 pounds per sterilized bag