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3 Pack Morel Dry Spores Outdoor Cultivation Morchella
3 Pack Morel Dry Spores Outdoor Cultivation Morchella
3 Pack Morel Dry Spores Outdoor Cultivation Morchella

3 Pack Morel Dry Spores Outdoor Cultivation Morchella

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This is for three packages of Wild Morel Spores, one each of Common White, Early Black and Burn Site Morels, mixed with vermiculite to ensure a wide spread of spores. These are best suited for outdoor cultivation and should be spread in rich soil near trees.

Morels are highly sought after culinary mushrooms, perhaps the most loved flavor of all mushrooms! They have a meaty texture and robust flavor.

Now you can grow them in your own backyard year after year easily!

Common White Morel, Early Black Morel, and Burn Site Morel Available!!!  NEWLY AVAILABLE: Yellow Morel, Blushing Morel, and Autumn Morel!

White Morel is a commonly harvested spring mushroom which ranges in color from gray to whitish to yellowish. The fruiting body is medium to large (up to 5-22 cm or more tall). The sponge–like head is egg-shaped or pine cone-shaped with pits and ridges. On all forms the ridges are paler than the pits.

Early Black Morels are generally the first true morel to appear in spring. The fruiting body is often very large. The sponge-like head is variable in shape but usually elongated and pointed. The young black morel may appear almost white when covered by leaf litter, but as it matures the black morel will have brownish pits and dark ridges.

Burn Site Morels are known for growing in massive and prolific amounts for one-two years in areas after fires or burns have occurred. They are smaller in size than other morels, but fruit so heavily that they often make considerably more total weight when found.

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Great looking spores! Hope it comes up strong

Hoping for a plentiful harvest

The shipment was delivered very quick and happy with potential. I would like to see instructions included in the packaging.

Quick to ship!

Received my spores today, a week after I placed my order. Very happy with the packaging, clearly labeled. Would have liked instructions included with the spores, but very happy nonetheless.

Looking forward to lots of morels!

Thanks for completing the order. All will be in the mulch today!