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4 lb Aged Manure Compost * Sterilized Mushroom Substrate for Bulk Trays, monotubs, Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms!

MSRP: $27.95
(You save $6.00 )
Clear directions are included with every order and we're happy to help if you need us. 
4 POUNDS (2lb x 2 Sterile Bags) of our premium, ultra composted grain-fed dairy cow manure mushroom substrate. Massive growth potential! Perfect consistency and moisture content to produce HUGE bulk grows!

All natural and organically fed cows. Zero chemicals or antibiotics used on the farm. Manure is super aged, sun dried, machine sifted and ph balanced. 100% ready to use in your bulk tubs or trays. Fully Sterilized and 100% ready to add huge bulk to your bulk trays!

((**Not intended for inoculation with spore syringe**))  

*If you are looking for sterile substrates that you can inoculate with a spore syringe or liquid culture syringe please see our all in one Everlasting BOOM Blocks. They will blow you away!