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4lb MEGA BOOM! Bulk Substrate Spawn * Bulk Trays, Tub Grows *

$34.95 - $110.00

BOOM Blocks explode with mushrooms! Zero Experience or Equipment needed. Easily and Quickly grow tons of tasty mushrooms  Works Great for Almost Any Variety!

Perfect Bulk Substrate (FREE extra lb in all Mega BOOMs! 4=5!)

Guaranteed Sterile and 100% Ready to Use 

Amazingly Complex and Hugh Yielding Mix Includes: Milo, Rye, Corn, Wheat and Brown rice with Chopped Golden Wheat Straw, Aged Dairy Compost,  Dehydrated Horse Manure, Vermiculite, Powdered Gypsum, Kelp and Much more!

Perfectly prepped and hydrated mixed substrate contains everything you need to go from spores to gigantic fruits all in one bag.

Fully self contained environment will yield a massive crop of the mushroom of your choice and keep on yielding over and over again for weeks!

The easiest choice for growing your mushrooms in Bulk Trays or Tubs!

4 pounds per sterilized bag  ((Not intended for inoculation with spore syringe! For use as bulk substrate material for truly HUGE Growth!))