Morel Mushroom Growing Kit – Your Own Morel Mushroom Patch

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Morel Mushroom Growing Kit – Have Your Own Morel Mushroom Garden Habitat

With our Morel Mushroom Growing Kit everyone can enjoy an abundant personal supply of Morel Mushrooms.

Morels are highly sought mushrooms. Their texture is meaty, and they have a delicious deep nutty flavor that turns the skeptical into new morel growers. Chefs both amateur and professional prize the morel mushroom in their cuisine.

Organic nutrients specifically selected for rapid initial colonization and vigorous long term growth are mixed with our special starter blend to ensure the best possible growth for your new Morel patch. Error proof step by step directions included.

Once established your Morel Growing Kit will provide Morel Mushrooms every spring for many years. 

Morel mushrooms are expensive. Out of season a pound of frozen morels can cost over $50 and fresh morels may be unobtainable. That’s because morels are typically found in forests and collected from jealously kept secret spots.

Start growing your own Morels and never miss out again!

Receive 5 varieties of Morels:


  • Blushing Morel - Morchella rufobrunnea - Often gray in color and can bruise a very distinctive pink when touched. Producing large fruits when mature, this was the first variety of Morel mushroom successfully cultivated. The Blushing Morel Grows very well in woodchips and can be reliably cultivated with little experience. This is one of the longest lasting Morels and can fruit for weeks after the other varieties are done for the season.

  • Hardwood Morel - Morchella americana - A warm loving variety of Morel that favors creek areas, hardwood forests, and higher temps than many other varieties. Often grows well under 'high stress' conditions such as ornamental beds, walkways and landscaped areas. 

  • White Morel - Morchella deliciosa - Producing 2-5 inch fruits and usually appearing an off white or cream white color. The sponge–like head is egg or pine cone shaped with pits and ridges. On all forms the ridges are paler than the pits.

  • Early Black Morels - Morchella elata - The first true morel to appear in spring and often very large. The sponge-like head is elongated and pointed. The young black morel may appear almost white when covered by leaf litter, but as it matures the black morel will have brownish pits and dark ridges.

  • Burn Site Morels - Morchella tormentosa - Known for growing in massive and prolific amounts for two years in areas after fires have occurred. They are smaller in size than other morels, but fruit so heavily that they can weigh considerably more total weight when found.

Ready to try some? Fried Morels are wonderful! Need more Gourmet mushrooms?


Morel Mushroom Grow Kit 5 Pack can be planted in spring, summer or fall