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ANCIENT ORGANICS Myco Soil - Concentrated Super Soil Nutrient Mix - 8 lbs - Increases Yields & Plant Growth

MSRP: $45.95
(You save $8.00 )

Powerful, nutrient rich organic compost soil additive.  Contains extensive colonies of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi to dramatically accelerate root growth and fuel rapid development so you have the healthiest plants possible with massively enhanced fruit and flower production.  Unique blend of specially selected beneficial soil microbes and myco boosters for enhanced early growth, unbeatable stress tolerance and the most bountiful flowers ever!. 

Can be used with ANY soil media. Coco coir, organic potting soil or compost work well.  Mix 1 lb - 2 pounds per 5 gallon of soil media, add water and get ready for rapid, lush growth.  Use 1 pound for light feeding plants and up to 2 lbs per 5 gallons for heavy feeders. 

Nutrient mix is slowly made available to the plants by the fungi and microbes in the soil. No Need to feed!  One soil, no more feeding or worry of nute burn. Your plants will absorb all the nutrients they can use and grow to their fullest potential.