Horse Manure Mushroom Bulk Substrate – 10lb Sterilized Manure Substrate

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Sterilized Horse Manure Mushroom Bulk Substrate

Get A Great Harvest Of Manure Loving Mushrooms, Fast! 

Sterilized Horse Manure Bulk mushroom substrate will amplify any grow method.

Power up your Mushrooms

Horse Manure Substrate - Shrooms can't stop growing on this.

Just mix any colonized spawn right into the bag for insane growth and explosive fruiting! Horse Manure Bulk Substrate grows great in trays, bulk tubs and monotub setups.

Our dehydrated horse manure is screened, blended with gypsum, vermiculite, hydrated coco coir, and our proprietary blend of booster nutrients formulated for rapid colonization. Our Manure Blend averages 5 flushes! No smell, no prep, just easy.

Add spent substrate to a prepared outdoor bed and keep growing year after year.


Ancient Path Naturals Horse Manure Mushroom Substrate will turbocharge your mushroom growth and provide you with amazing mushrooms in no time!

Ideal for Any Experience Level: This mushroom substrate is perfectly hydrated and ready to use. Better substrate equals bigger, stronger, heavier mushrooms. Simply add colonized spawn and see growth. Growing bulk? Adding a hydrated casing layer can double the total weight! 

Manure Mushroom Substrate: Amazingly productive substrate rich in minerals, micro-nutrients and ideal for all manure loving mushroom species. You'll never see how much weight mushrooms are capable of producing until they grow in our super powered substrates.

Home mushroom cultivation has become easier than ever! Mix with some grain spawn or colonized substrate for the largest harvest ever. Sterilized bags can also be stored for 6 months with no worries. 

Need a method? How to Build a Mushroom Monotub Guide here, or How to build a Shotgun Fruiting Chamber, or SGFC.


Fastest Prep and Shipping - 100% Money-Back Guarantee – Have a great grow! We’re here to help you.

2 x 5LB Sterilized Horse Manure Based Mushroom Substrate - 10 pounds manure mushroom substrate