Horse Manure Mushroom Substrate - Mushroom Grow Bags - Manure Based Mushroom Substrate, 10LB - Psilocybin Shroom * B+ Mushrooms * Golden Teacher * Cubensis

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Get A Great Harvest Of Manure Loving Mushrooms, Fast And Easily!

Looking for a sterilized mushroom substrate that will enhance the growth of your magic or gourmet mushrooms?

Just mix your colonized spawn right into the bag to see insane growth and explosive fruiting! You can also use this Manure Substrate to fill your trays, bulk tubs, and monotub setups. 

Our horse manure based substrate contains aged, naturally sun dried and screened horse manure, blended with fine gypsum, vermiculite, hydrated coco coir, and a pinch of our special blend of booster nutrients, formulated to hurry initial colonization time and increase the final harvest size of your crop. Our Manure Blend averages 5 flushes before a noticeable drop in production. After the final harvest simply add your spent substrate into a prepared outdoor bed for a natural crop a few times a year with minimal maintenance.

Presenting An Ultra-Powerful Mushroom Grow Substrate by Ancient Path Naturals!

Ancient Path Naturals Horse Manure Mushroom Substrate will turbocharge your mushroom growth and provide you with AMAZING  mushrooms in no time!

Why Choose Our Mushroom Growing Substrate? Here Are The Top 3 Reasons!

IDEAL FOR PRO & NOVICE MUSHROOM GROWERS: Unlike many similar mushroom growing supplies that require experience, our mushroom substrate is perfectly hydrated and enhances nutrient absorption.  Simply add colonized spawn and see results. 

PACKED WITH PREMIUM QUALITY NUTRIENTS:  Amazingly productive substrate rich in minerals, micro-nutrients and ideal for all gourmet manure- loving mushroom species.  You'll never see what your mushrooms are capable of producing until the grow in our super powered substrates. 

GREAT FOR VETERAN & BEGINNER GARDENERS: Mix with your mushroom grain spawn for the largest mushroom crop you have ever grown! Home mushroom cultivation has become easier than ever! Wholesale deals for large growers!

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Ideal For All Manure Loving Fungi Species

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Horse Manure Based Mushroom Growing Substrate - Ready to use

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