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APN - Organic Garden Planting Mix Flowers, Herbs and Vegetables - Ready To Use All Purpose House Gardening Vegetable Plant Soil - 12 Lb

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Want To Boost Your Plants into Lush, Vigorous Growth? We’ve Got You Covered!

You need our 100% organic, garden grow soil for your plants or garden fruit trees?

Introducing The Ultimate Organic Gardening Soil by Ancient Path Naturals!

Avoid cheaply-made potting soil for vegetables that is laden with harmful toxic ingredients, outdoor potting soil that causes your trees’ little growths to fall off and bulk dirt planting soil that generates bugs in your plant soil.

The Ancient Path Naturals has released a top standard 100% organic multipurpose potting soil that will help all your plants thrive in perfect health.

Why Choose Our Indoor/Outdoor Potting Soil? Here Are The Top 3 Reasons!

SPOIL YOUR PLANTS WITH ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS: Unlike standard garden potting soil which is poor in organic substances, our all-purpose soil is packed with bovine compost, fish, feather, bone meal and bacteria – all beneficial organic nutrients your plants need.

HELP YOUR PLANTS ABSORB MORE MINERALS: Instead of wasting money on poor quality herb or garden potting soil, you can invest in this organic planting soil with the great water retention properties and boost your plants’ nourishment.

SPEED UP ALL YOUR PLANTS’ GROWTH: Rich in organic nutrients and mycorrhiza fungi, our planting soil is ideal for your herb and vegetable garden, flower pots and window garden.

Need More Reasons?

100% Organic - Plant And Animal Friendly

Great Value 12 Lb Bag – Nourish Your Plants For 1 Year!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

What You Get:

3 * Bags Of 100% Organic Potting Soil -- Total 12 Lb

Do Not Hesitate!

Click “Add To Cart” NOW & Enjoy Gorgeous Plants Indoors And Outdoors!