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Coco Coir Horse Manure Mushroom Substrate -10 lbs - Grow Bags - Just Add Mushroom Spawn - Mushroom Monotub Bulk Substrate Growing Bags


100% Ready to Use. No prep needed. Just add your own fully colonized Rye Grain spawn or other spawn and start bulk growing!  Grow right in the bag or transfer into your own tray or bulk tub. Humidity regulation, massive manure based nutrients and great even pinset lead to the most massive harvest ever!  Our Coco coir and Horse Manure mix is the perfect combination. It's pretty much magical for mushrooms. Get A Great Harvest Of Manure Loving Mushrooms, Fast And Easily!

Fully sterilized mushroom substrate that will enhance the growth of your magic or gourmet mushrooms.

Presenting An Ultra-Powerful Mushroom Grow Substrate Bag

Ancient Path Naturals Horse Manure Mushroom Substrate will turbocharge your mushroom growth and provide you with AMAZING  mushrooms in no time!

Why Choose Our Mushroom Growing Substrate? 

IDEAL FOR PRO & NOVICE MUSHROOM GROWERS: Our mushroom substrate is perfectly hydrated and Super Easy to Use. 

PACKED WITH PREMIUM QUALITY NUTRIENTS:  Amazingly productive substrate rich in minerals, micro-nutrients and ideal for all gourmet, novelty and exotic manure- loving mushroom species.

FAST SHIPPING, ARRIVES READY TO USE: Mix with your mushroom grain spawn for the largest mushroom crop you have ever grown! Home mushroom cultivation has become easier than ever!

Need More Reasons?

Ideal For All Manure Loving Fungi Species

Top Delivery Condition, Fastest Prep and Shipping

100% Money-Back Guarantee - Great help if you need us!


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