Forest Mix Culinary 3 Pack Dry Spores Outdoor Cultivation Mushroom Grow Kit

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THREE PACK DISCOUNT!  One pack of Chanterelle, one pack of Porcini, and one pack of Chicken of the Woods.

This is for three packages of Mushroom Spores of highly sought after culinary mushrooms. Valuable to everyone who knows mushrooms. These are best suited for outdoor cultivation.

Each package is enriched with growth boosters and nutrients. They are well mixed with vermiculite to ensure perfect spread in your backyard. Do you have a rich backyard soil with trees? You can now cultivate these fast-growing and cherished varieties of gourmet mushrooms with no hassle

Spores are of the highest quality to give you the very best result. With our step by step instructions, we guarantee your satisfaction.

We stand with our product’s quality 100%. If you are not satisfied with results after following the guidelines, simply ask for a refund. No risks!

Key Benefits:

  • Will add culinary value to your garden

  • 3 varieties of highly valued mushrooms

  • Easy to grow. No Experience needed, and will fruit each year!

  • Does well in any condition and in any soil type

  • Tasty with superior nutritive value!

  • Comes with Clear Instructions