Grow Gourmet Mushrooms - Easy Outdoor Kit for Top 5 Gourmet Varieties

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Gourmet Mushrooms Growing Kit

Plant your own gourmet mushroom gardens

Now is the best time to begin growing five varieties of the most desired gourmet mushrooms. Ardently sought by every talented chef and gathered by mushroom foragers each season, many home cultivators are able to provide local markets with these delicious, and often expensive, mushrooms.

Each package contains natural ingredients, organic nutrients and is mixed with our dehydrated mushroom substrate mix to ensure an appropriate dispersal of spores and nutrients. Readily available and long term mushroom specific nutrient are perfectly blended to allow quick initial growth and also provide perennial harvests. 

Best suited for outdoor cultivation. These growing kits are perfect for easily planting your own mushroom patch and will produce multiple crops each year.  Step by step planting directions are very easy to follow, and a great customer service team is always available.

Once established your new mushroom patch will need very little maintenance and can provide you with abundant gourmet mushrooms for many years. 

Gourmet Mushroom Varieties Included: Grey Oyster Mushroom - Morel Mushroom - Golden Chanterelle - Porcini - Chicken of the Woods