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Horse Manure Mushroom Substrate - 5 quarts - Dry and Ready to Use - Magic Psilocybin * B+ * Golden Teacher * Cubensis

MSRP: $27.95
(You save $8.00 )
Ancient Path Naturals Magical Horse Manure is the top choice for growing gigantic crops of manure loving mushrooms. Turbocharge your mushroom growth and grow AMAZING  mushrooms.
There is no better choice for mushroom cultivation. This Magical Horse Manure is produced by organically fed horses, is 100% antibiotic, chemical, hormone and gmo feed-free and will add the nutrients mushrooms need to really grow like you’ve never seen before.
We use manure that has been naturally leached by the rain and uniformly dehydrated by the sun before shredding and final drying. Our dried magical manure is easy to use for your convenience. This is the best horse manure you can find anywhere for mushroom growth.

 Ideal For All Manure Loving Fungi Species

 Top Delivery Condition, Fastest Prep and Shipping

 100% Money-Back Guarantee - Great help if you need us!