Coconut Coir Bulk - Mushroom Monotub Coir Casing Mix

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Coconut Coir Bulk - Mushroom Monotub Coir Casing

Mushrooms not pinning when they should? Coconut coir bulk mushroom casing

Monotubs and bulk mushroom grows of all kinds start pinning easier under a layer of properly balanced, hydrated casing. Our Coconut Coir Bulk Casing mix is the ideal combination of everything mycelium needs to make the most fruit from colonized substrate. This casing mix creates the perfect environment for bulk mushroom substrates to really produce tons of huge fruits! 

Adding our perfectly hydrated, properly prepared casing can double the harvest.  It's pretty much magical abilities for mushrooms.

Magically Mushrooms Monotub Bulk Casing mix retains moisture until a fruiting shroom monotub needs it, enabling larger and more fruits per flush!

Micro-climate humidity regulation promotes even primordia and healthy pinning, leading to a dense canopy formation followed by sustained rapid growth until harvest. Balanced and hydrated casing remains aerated and light, creating the best possible environment for forming many large mushrooms. The correct casing mix is often the difference between harvesting a few lonely shrooms in a big monotub, or an excellent canopy that lifts the lid. 

Use with your own fully colonized shroom substrate or mushroom spawn bag or colonized grain spawn.

2 five pound bags Magically Mushrooms - Monotub Coconut Coir Casing Mix

Ready to use or stored in the freezer for use up to 6 months later.