Coco Coir Mushroom Casing – Monotub Tek Bulk Substrate Casing Layer

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Coco Coir Bulk Substrate Mushroom Casing Coco Casing Layer

Add Coco Coir Casing Mix to any Monotub Tek to grow big BULK!

Ready to use with your own colonized spawn. Monotub bulk tek will never be the same. Simply adding this hydrated coco casing can DOUBLE each harvest!

Casing is a barrier against potential contamination and a vital water reservoir for mycelium as it prepares to fruit. Substrate beneath is kept at perfect condition for healthy pin formation.

Mushrooms are 88% water. The casing layer is the best water source possible, critical for producing massive mushrooms, and more of them. Give your monotub substrate a bulk casing boost and harvest more mushrooms.
2 Bags of 5 Pounds each Coco coir mix bulk casing is ph balanced, hydrated, and sterilized. Use within 20 days or freeze for up to 6 months.   Includes step by step directions.

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