Coconut Coir Bulk - Mushroom Monotub tek Coco Coir Casing Soil

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Monotub tek mushroom casing

Monotub tek coconut coir bulk mushroom casing

The optimal solution to retain moisture, creating an ideal environment, and protect from contamination, for your mushrooms to grow and develop like never before! Harvesting mushrooms can be easier with these special monotub coconut coir bulk casing soil bags.

Coconut coir based shrooms monotub tek mushroom casing layer

is ready to be placed on top of your colonized mushroom substrate, spawn bag, or colonized grain spawn to create a more suitable environment for the shrooms and aid with moisture retention.


Our premium monotub casing soil Includes 2 bags of 5lbs each, for 10lb total. Your casing soil bags arrive ready to use at your doorstep but can also be stored in the freezer and used later (for up to 6 months), if your colonized substrate is not ready.

Our mushroom monotub casing layer enables better shroom monotub harvests

provides micro-climate humidity regulation, promoting even primordia formation and healthy pinning. This leads to a dense canopy formation, followed by sustained rapid growth until harvest. This nutrient balanced and perfectly hydrated coconut coir bulk casing always remains aerated and light, creating an ideal environment for the formation of many large mushrooms.


Monotub tek coconut coir bulk casing is 100% ready to use

Not only do all types of mushrooms flourish under this mushroom casing soil, but some shrooms can only develop when the humidity levels are ideal. Because colonized substrates tend to dry up quickly, using a shrooms monotub casing layer for psilocybe cubensis will help to provide the proper consistently humid environment at the surface so your mushrooms can thrive.

Our coconut coir bulk monotub tek mushroom casing soil is perfectly hydrated and properly prepared.

Adding this can help you increase, and sometimes even double the total harvest. This magically mushroom monotub tek casing mix retains moisture for as long as a fruiting shroom monotub needs it, enabling larger and more fruits per flush.

At Ancient Path Naturals, we believe in returning to natural resources to create a better world. Mushrooms are one of the most difficult crops since humidity levels affect so much the development of this unique spore. To help you develop an ideal environment for your mushroom crops, we have designed this superb monotub tek mushroom casing soil that maintains moisture in the colonized substrate so your mushrooms can thrive, grow bigger, and yield more numerous than ever before.