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Monotub tek XL Mushroom growing kit - Just add mushroom spores for your shroom supply!

Was: $99.95
Now: $89.95
Intro Special! Freebie included!

You just need a spore syringe to grow a massive crop of mushrooms - 25lb XL mushroom growing kit set includes:

  • 5 pounds * Hydrated Mushroom Casing MixGreat casing can double your final harvest weight and makes the difference between a few mushrooms and an excellent crop. Our casing is prepped and perfectly mixed to retain moisture while also remaining aerated and light to promote fastest mycelium growth.  
  • 5 X 2 pounds * Grain Spawn Grow Bags  Sterilized and ready to use. Just add the spores of your choice and get ready to see colonization in no time. Amazing results with any types and species of mushrooms. 
  • 10 pounds * Manure Mushroom Substrate - Our Coco coir and Horse Manure mix is the perfect combination. It's pretty much magical for mushrooms. Get A Great Harvest Of Manure Loving Mushrooms from your bulk tubs or trays.

This is the Monotub tek Grow kit you've been waiting for! Includes easy to follow instructions with great help always availble.