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Monotub tek XL Mushroom Substrate Bags Set - Easy Shroom Supply Kit!

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Your personal Shroom Supply grown at home.

Monotub tek XL - Mushroom Substrate Grow Bags Set

Includes everything except the spores and tub! Monotub tek XL bag set is everything you’ll need to grow mushrooms starting from spore syringe all the way to harvest.

Have your own monotub grown shroom supply! 

These mushroom substrate bags were created specifically for culturing each stage of mushroom growth quickly and easily, without requiring special equipment. Every Monotub tek XL bag comes equipped with a built-in filter patch, ensuring only clean, micron filtered air inside each grow bag environment. Mushroom mycelium grows safely inside the bags, protected from any contamination. 

Possibly the easiest shroom supply kit ever!

Mixed Grain Grow Bags These ready to inoculate grow bags are our own special blend of grains formulated for lightning fast mycelium growth and easy expansion. Grain Mix grow bags arrive ready for inoculation by spore syringe. Mycelium of all kinds love this mix. 

Hydrated Casing - Correctly made casing can be the difference between a few mushrooms from a monotub and an excellent crop. Our magical casing is amended, balanced, hydrated and perfectly mixed to retain the needed humidity levels on the surface of the substrate and create an environment appropriate for the fastest possible expansion, growth, and fruiting.

Shroom Kit Spawn Bags - Magical Mix spawn bags are the perfect combination of everything that special mushrooms need for producing a bountiful shroom supply. Huge harvests come standard using this shroom kit. Grow a lifetime supply of powerful medicinal mushrooms with the best Montub Tek Grow Bags set. It's pretty much magical for mushrooms.

Clear, step-by-step guide is included with every Monotub XL Shroom Kit, and friendly help is always available.

Just add own spore syringe and tub (diy Monotub directions) to grow your own shroom supply