Morel Mushroom Spores Growing Kit - Easiest Morel Mushroom Spawn Kit

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Enjoy Growing Morel Mushrooms at Home with the Easiest Morel Mushroom Growing Kit ever Developed

Have your own Morel patch. Harvest pounds of Morel mushrooms every spring.

Mycologist learned how to grow Morel Mushrooms over 40 years ago so we’ve been cultivating Morel Mushrooms for a long time and making it easier every year.

Now, everyone can establish a few Morel spots of their own and have a bountiful harvest every spring! Once established, your new Morel patch can fruit every spring for many years, often decades, by simply employing proper harvesting methods and once a year basic maintenance of the patch.

Morel Mushroom Spawn is best suited for outdoor cultivation though it has also successfully been used for growing Morels indoors.

You will receive three varieties of ready to plant Morel Mushroom Spores, one each of Common White Morels, Early Black Morels and Yellow Morels.

Each Morel spore kit pack contains our proprietary Morel mushroom specific nutrient blend to provide the best possible start for your new mushrooms. No need for the mess of morel spore slurry or ash mixing, no buckets and no worries, everything is perfectly mixed and ready.

Morels are highly sought culinary mushrooms, perhaps the most loved flavor of all mushrooms! They have a meaty texture and robust flavor known to turn mushroom haters into morel lovers. Chefs, both amateur and professional, prize morels in their cuisine.

Common White Morel, Early Black Morel, and Yellow Morel included.

White Morels are a commonly harvested spring mushroom which ranges in color from gray to whitish to yellowish. The fruiting body is medium to large (up to 5-22 cm or more tall). The sponge–like head is egg-shaped or pine cone-shaped with pits and ridges. On all forms the ridges are paler than the pits.
Early Black Morels are generally the first true morel to appear in spring. The fruiting body is often very large. The sponge-like head is variable in shape but usually elongated and pointed. The young black morel may appear almost white when covered by leaf litter, but as it matures the black morel will have brownish pits and dark ridges.
Yellow Morels have cream colored yellow tops, grow about 2-4 inches tall and have a thick stem of white to yellow. Most prolifically fruits around hardwoods and in heavily shaded areas for roughly 2-4 weeks during a short time each spring. These are often associated with old orchards, forest and dense woods and ground which has not been disturbed in many years.

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