Morrells Morrel Morel Mushroom Growing Kit MEGA Packs! Includes 3 Varieties of Morrel

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4.00 LBS

Morrel Mushrooms, Morrells, Morchella, Dryland fish, or Honeycomb Mushrooms 

Whatever name you know them by, Morel Mushrooms are a much sought after springtime delight. Now you can grow them in your own backyard year after year!

Now you can grow your own coveted Outdoor Morel Patch - White Morel, Early Black Morel, and Yellow Morel included.

3 PACKS of GIGANTIC SIZE! Over 5 times larger than regular Morel Mushroom Growing kits. These can be used to plant many Morel patches.

No slurry, mixing or measuring hassles. Our Morrel Growing kits are ready to plant and contain our coveted blend of natural morel mushroom mycelium growth boosters.

Your new Morel Mushroom Patch will begin colonizing and produces for many years. once established. These kits will produce for many years with very little maintenance.

Morel growing kits are best suited for outdoor cultivation. Our Morel Kits are so vigorous that this kit is often used for growing morels mushrooms indoors.

Morels are highly sought after culinary mushrooms, perhaps the most loved flavor of all mushrooms! They have a meaty texture and robust flavor. Need a great reciepe?

Step by step Morel Growing Guide included with your kit, and we're always here if you need advice.