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2lb x 6 Rye Berries Grain Mushroom Spawn Grow Bags * Grain Spawn * Sterilized, Ready to Inoculate * Fast Growth!

MSRP: $79.95
(You save $10.00 )

2 lbs each Rye Grain Berries x 6 Bags
We've taken the old standby and improved! Organic Rye Grains, rough vermiculite, and our own specialized mix of booster nutrients.

Sterilized and ready to use. Just add the spores of our choice and get ready to see colonization in no time. Amazing results with many types and species of mushrooms. Often used for bulk substrate inoculation to expand the fruiting mass.

Ready to inoculate bags have built in 0.03 micron filter for perfect air exchange with zero chance of contamination.
Moisture balanced and ready to inoculate with your choice of spore syringe.
Guaranteed sterile and ready to grow.

Suited for growing a huge variety of species. Advice available for any questions that you may have during your grow with our products.