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Simplified Mushroom Grow Kit- Complete Kit to grow Edible Mushroom Indoors & Quickly | No Equipment Required | Super-Fast Growth | User Guide Included

MSRP: $64.99
(You save $5.04 )

Growing Mushrooms have never been easier or quicker!

This Simple Mushroom Grow Kit is designed to provide you with maximum ease of use and the Fastest Crops. Packed with the most important tools to get you started with growing your mushrooms, this substrate kit will provide you with everything you need to get started with planting and growing your mushroom from within your home, whether on your coffee table, counter, or desk.

It comes packed with our specially formulated BOOM Blocks which are basically mushroom super-food that helps to produce larger mushrooms and guarantee a huge amount of large and flavored mushrooms easily.


It is a handmade edible mushroom growing kit that houses:

  • 4 1lb sterilized substrate bags of our awesome BOOM Blocks.

  • 2 Fruiting Trays

  • 2 pairs of ultra-tough nitrile gloves

  • 1 Face Mask with activated charcoal filter.

  • Extra-large woven alcohol pads

  • A quart of humidity control material

  • 2 quarts of our superb casing mix


Each purchase of this kit comes with a detailed description to guide you with how to use each component, therefore simplifying the whole process and helping you avoid guesswork on moisture contents or preparation methods which leads to unwanted results.