Mushroom Wood - 10lb Hardwood Sawdust Based Mushroom Substrate

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Mushroom Hardwood Sawdust Mushroom substrate

Perfect for growing all species of wood loving mushrooms


Grow your own wood loving mushrooms like Lion's Mane, Shiitake, Reishi, Maitake, cyanescens, azurescens, or any other mushroom that prefers sawdust, hardwood and wood based substrate.


Sterilized mushroom wood substrate Wood Lovers Mix does not have spawn added. All kinds of wood loving mushroom varieties colonize quickly and grow easy. Grow and fruit your mushrooms right in the comfort of your home.

Looking for Something a bit more Cubensis? Super Psychedelic Substrate is ready for any Monotub Tek or bulk grow. Need a really easy mushroom monotub building Guide?

5 pounds per bag x 2 Pasteurized Hardwood Sawdust mushroom grow Bags - 10lb ready to inoculate wood based mushroom substrate


This ready to use wood substrate doesn’t require any preparation or pasteurization! Just add your own colonized spawn. Organic wood based mushroom nutrients are perfectly mixed with natural wheat bran for optimum growth of wood-loving mushrooms.

Ideal mushroom wood substrate mix to grow all year-round!